Term 2 


Term 1

Maths- Place Value

Year Three have been learning how a value changes once it gets 10 or 100 times larger. They have been adding and subtracting using different methods such as: dienes, numicon, part part whole, place value counters and tens frame.

Spanish -Practising Greetings

Year 3 have been learning how to greet each other in Spanish and have a short conversation. They have been practising how to say: Hello, what’s your name? My name is…. as well as how are you, and respond with how they are feeling.


This term we have been lucky enough to have the Community Cricket Officer from Kent Cricket club, come into school to teach our Year Three the skills of batting, bowling and fielding in order for them to be able to have a game of Cricket.

Science – Plants

In Science, Year Three have been learning how to set up a fair investigation to find out what plants need to be healthy. They decided to plant four pots of cress seeds, one would not have light, one would not have water, one would not have soil and one pot would have everything. They are checking to find out the results by the end of term.

RE – Christianity

Children discussed what a promise is and what they meant. They then compared promises made during a wedding ceremony to promises made in stories from the Old Testament.

Theme Week: The Garden of Kent

Children have gone to other classes to learn about different places in Kent, such as Rochester, Biddenden, Canterbury and Whitstable.  In some classes, they got to taste local produce! They also looked at old photographs of Ashford to make comparisons to Ashford today. In English, they have been learning about features of a leaflet in order to create their own about Folkestone.


Year 3 Long Term Plan 2019-2020