Term 2 


Term 1 

Theme Week – Garden of Kent

Children researched the features of leaflets by looking at different existing leaflets. They named the different features and explained why they were important for the leaflet. Then the children researched information about Dover to write their own facts to be able to write their own leaflets for people visiting the area. 

The class looked at different crops that are harvested in Kent in particular apples, pears, plums, cherries, hops and cop nuts. Children choose a picture to sketch and then used watercolors to create a painting of the fruit. They mixed colours to create different shades, blended them and built up colours to make the picture look as real as they could. 

Art – Georgia O’Keefe

Children have been learning about the paintings Georgia O’Keefe created. She was famous for painting flowers in bold bright colours, they are often close up of just a section of the flower. Using view finders children used photos of flowers to sketch a section of the flower. They learnt about the different sketching pencils and practiced using them before sketching their part of a flower and shading it. 


In PE this term the children have learnt skills for invasion games. they have practiced skills of passing balls, blocking and dodging. They have also had cricket coaching.  


Children have completed e-safety lessons where they have thought about what they use the internet for. What information they can give out and what information they shouldn’t give out online. They discussed the importance of setting a strong password and keeping passwords to themselves. Using Purplemash the children used a blog to communicate with each other and discuss being safe online. 


Setting up our science investigation to find out how water is transported (moved) around the plants. We put the celery in coloured water to find out where the water will go. 


Children looked at the ‘Big Picture’ which uses illustrations to tell events in the Bible. They discussed what the pictures showed and which part of the Bible it could link to. They shared ideas about the use of colour and certain images. 


Year 3 Long Term Plan 2019-2020