At Kennington CE Academy we are working hard, to make children more aware of their environment and think of ways they can make a difference to improve it.

The idea of reduce, reuse and recycle is reinforced in school. Both staff and children think about the resources they are using and make sure they are careful and not creating unnecessary waste. Paper resources are reused across classes where possible and children are encouraged to reuse paper where they can. Each class now has a paper and card recycling bin to reduce the amount of general waste that is being created.

A gardening area has been set up in the quiet area of the school. This area is used to grow fruits and vegetables in order for children to see where food comes from, what is seasonal, and the processes involved in growing their own produce. Flowers are also planted to encourage respect for wildlife and the importance of bees and insects to the planet.

Garden Area

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle